This is the battle report of my first game last night against Lee's Ultramarines.

The mission was 5 objectives with spearhead (table corners) deployment.

I won the roll to go first and passed it to Lee who set his army up behind cover.  I deployed a spread out squad of firewarriors with my Sash'O attached to them.  i deployed my Pathfinder's Devilfish next to the other group of 12 Fire Warriors so they could jump in and hitch a ride, and set up my massive line 'o hurt™ (my 5 unit broadside squad) I deployed my pathfinders behind a little cover during my scout move.

Lee's dread came into view and i hit it with my railguns, removing an arm and stunning it.  he moved one of his speeders behind the little colliseum on the right of the table...

during turn 3 i managed to explode his dread (though he left the model on the table because "it's sooo pretty") and moved my sash'o and fire warriors up closed to the objective... now in lee's turn he had jumped his landspeeder into the colleseum thing... and out of site is out of mind... RIGHT?

Turn 4 the landspeeder popped out right in front of my squad and the scouts inside disembarked and assaulted me... it took both his and my assault phases but i manged to kill all of his scouts... Hurray for me... his other landspeeder shot up my pathfinders killing 2 of them, and they managed to pass their leadership test and didn't flee.

Turn 5... WHERE are my sash'O and firewarriors you ask?  oh they rolled "box cars" on their leadership test and ran off the table... after i was patting myself on the back for actually winning a CC Lee drove up his Rhino and unloaded a mess of Sternguard... who proceeded to shoot me to bits (there may have been some assault involved too... what ever happened it was GRIM...

Turn 6 it all comes down to the objective on the hill on the far left of the field... we're both in range to win and both trying to destroy the other... we both manage to take out a few... and then.....

Turn 7... yeah... i can't roll to end a game on turn 5 to save my life (lol)  Turn 7 goes a lot like turn 6 we both end up with a few troops within 3 of the objective so we end in a draw...

all in all a great battle, i do realize now that i'll need to start taking notes to make writing these battle reports easier :) 

In closing here's my favorite pic i snapped....

I call it "Killing Blow"

Anyway thanks for reading...


Comments (3)

On October 15, 2009 at 6:59 AM , Rhellion said...

I agree with the comments from Tuesday night that another Troop choice will do you some good. Kroot would be a good option to mix it up with what you have. Not that I'm in any way a Tau expert or anything.

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